Lease end overview
Congratulations! You and your Hyundai are approaching another milestone - and with that, we have a few steps to go by to prepare for your lease-end so you can can a stress free transition! Below you will find some helpful information for your lease including lease-end options, scheduling your inspection and other FAQ's. 
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Receive a buyout quote from one of our sales representatives today. you may select a payment options with us and continue to enjoy your Hyundai vehicle. From there, a title release will arrive following your payment being processed.

Common Lease-End Questions:

Can I return my car to a non-Hyundai dealer?
No, your vehicle must be returned to an authorized Hyundai dealer.
What charges may I still be billed for after I turn in my vehicle?
The following charges, if applicable, may be included on your End-Of-Term Invoice:
-Excess wear and use
-Excess mileage
-Disposition (turn-in) fee
-Any past due and unpaid monthly payments
-Any other fees (e.g., unpaid late payment fees,
taxes, tolls, parking violations)

How does Personal Property Tax affect me?
If your leased vehicle is registered in a state that charges personal property tax
(PPT), Hyundai Finance will receive a PPT bill for your vehicle, and will pay the
tax bill on your behalf to the appropriate taxing authority. You must pay all such
taxes incurred during the lease term, even if they are assessed and billed after
the lease has ended. Hyundai Finance will send you a bill upon receipt.
Personal property tax states include: AK, AR, CT, KY, MA, MO, RI, TX, VA, WV.

Can I turn in my vehicle early (Early Termination)?
Turning in your vehicle before your lease maturity is considered an early termination
and may result in signific cant charges. Refer to your contract for more information.

What is a Disposition (Turn-In) Fee?
A fixed fee, specific ed in the lease contract, payable at lease-end if the lessee does not
purchase the vehicle. If you purchase or lease another new vehicle within 60 days,
Hyundai Finance will provide a loyalty reward to cover your disposition fee up to $400.

What constitutes Excess Mileage?
Mileage that exceeds the agreed upon miles per year the leased vehicle may
be driven as stated in the lease contract. The lessee is obligated to pay a
specific ed fee for each excess mile incurred.

How do I return my license plate(s) at the end of my lease?
If you are required to return your license plate(s) to your state, do so after
turning in your vehicle, then fax your state's receipt to us at (972) 590-3995. If
you do not cancel or transfer the license plate(s) as required by your state at
the end of the lease, you remain liable after lease termination for all tickets,
offi cial fees, and taxes billed on that vehicle. To reduce your liability for future
personal property tax in CT, MA and RI, a copy of the plate cancellation/
transfer receipt must be faxed to us at (714) 368-7802.

What is a Purchase Option Fee?
The option to purchase the leased vehicle typically at the scheduled end of the
lease term for a fi xed price plus a predetermined purchase option fee. Refer to
the lease contract for specific terms and conditions.

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