Tire Rotation

Get the Most Life Out of Your Tires with Tire Rotations in Albuquerque

As you drive, your front tires generally take the brunt of the abuse and wear that comes from accelerating, braking, and changing direction. For starters, most of the weight of your vehicle is loaded at the front, thanks to the engine and transmission. In addition, your front tires are responsible for steering, and in most modern vehicles they handle a majority if not all of the acceleration. However, you can even out the wear between the front and rear tires by having them rotated regularly at our Albuquerque Hyundai service center.

How Tire Rotation Works

Because your front tires wear out so much more quickly than the rear tires, you can swap the healthier rear tires for the more worn front tires every few thousand miles to help keep the wear even across the whole set. The reason you want to do this so often is that if you go too long, putting those worn front tires on the rear will be unsafe, especially in wet conditions.

By keeping up with regular tire rotations, you can ensure that you're getting the most out of your whole set of tires, saving you money down the road - and keeping you safer as you drive.

What Happens If I Don't Rotate My Tires?

If you decide to skip rotating your tires, you could find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. As early as 15,000 miles, your front tires will be worn so much that there is an imbalance in grip between the front and rear. This is exaggerated by wet conditions, where you may find yourself suddenly unable to turn a corner due to the lack of front-end grip.

Furthermore, many vehicles require that all four tires be changed simultaneously. So, if you aren't rotating your tires to wear all four evenly, you'll be replacing them twice as often as you should.

Schedule a Tire Rotation Today

Whether you know your tire rotation should be done soon or you aren't sure, let our experts take a look. Just schedule your tire rotation appointment with our Albuquerque dealership - you can use our online scheduling tool to pick a time - and we'll keep you on the road and rolling smoothly and safely.


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