Shock and Strut Replacement

Shocks and Struts at Larry H. Miller Hyundai Albuquerque

Shocks and struts are two of the components that make up your vehicle's suspension. While these components serve similar functions, their primary jobs are different. And of course, both will require regular maintenance to keep your vehicle's suspension in good shape.

You can order replacement Hyundai parts or schedule a suspension repair service here at Larry H. Miller Hyundai Albuquerque.

The Difference Between Shocks & Struts

In a typical MacPherson Strut suspension, which most modern cars run on, the strut is the part you may recognize because it contains the signature coil spring. In addition to supporting the weight of the vehicle with this spring, the strut also holds the suspension together, combining the shock absorber, wheel bearing, and vehicle frame.

The shock absorbers, or "shocks," consist of a piston inside of a sealed tube. The sealed tube is filled with hydraulic fluid or nitrogen gas, depending on your Hyundai model. Each time you hit a bump in the road, the piston applies resistance to the tube and releases once the surfaces smooth out. The shock feels the impact of the bumps so that you don't have to from the driver's seat.

When Do Shocks and Struts Need Replacement?

The shocks and struts of your Hyundai are made to be resilient, so they typically won't need total replacement until past 50,000 miles or so. Once your vehicle gets to this point, make sure you remain aware of the signs your shocks or struts need immediate replacement.

Such symptoms include excessive swaying, bouncing, or listing to one side. All of these affect your control over your Hyundai vehicle, and it's essential that you have the issue addressed promptly.

Get Shock & Strut Replacement Parts & Service in Albuquerque

Do-it-yourselfers in and around Albuquerque, NM, can order new shocks or struts for their suspension online through our on-location parts center. If you prefer to let the experts handle your shock and strut replacements, schedule a service appointment with Larry H. Miller Hyundai Albuquerque. Just use our online service scheduling tool to pick the appointment time that works for you!


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